Jodi & Simon's Real Wedding

Jodi & Simon's Real Wedding - Traditional Ceremony

Traditional Ceremony

Jodi arrived at her traditional wedding ceremony in a vintage, cream coloured 3.8 S Type Jaguar, driven by the nicest man.

She felt quite emotional as she arrived at the chapel, and after the last bridesmaid had walked down the aisle, Simon started to feel nervous too!

The wedding bells rang as Jodi walked down the aisle, tightly clutching her father’s arm, to the sound of Christina Perri’s ‘Thousand Years’.

Jodi’s cousin and her brother-in-law’s fiancée both gave readings, and the wedding party sang ‘Vows Will Be Spoken’, before Simon and Jodi exchanged vows and rings and were pronounced husband and wife.

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Jodi & Simon's Real Wedding on 16 Mar 2013

Simon & Jodi's supplier list

Photography by:  Stuart Dods Photographer

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