Welcome to our roles section. Everyone involved in your wedding is there to make it a memorable day for you and in order to do so, they must all have a good understanding of their role throughout the wedding process. This is an opportunity for friends and family to show how much you really mean to them.

There are many different roles and responsibilities for each person involved in your big day and so Hitched has put together a guide on the duties commonly assigned to each individual. Hopefully this will help make everyone involved feel calmer and more relaxed on the big day.

The Best Man

As well as being responsible for looking after the rings, the best man has plenty other responsibilities to keep him occupied. The best man would commonly plan the stag party for the groom although this is not a tradition. He will also help the groom as he selects his ushers and will be primarily responsible for ensuring they know what their duties are in the lead up to the wedding as well as the during the ceremony. Finally, the best man will have to deliver the final speech during the reception. >> More

The Ushers

Ushers are traditionally close friends or family members of the groom or best man. It is suggested that larger weddings will require more ushers, however smaller ones need only one or two. Ushers are mainly responsible for helping guests at the wedding when trying to find their seats etc. The best man would normally oversee all the Ushers. >> More

Maid of Honour

The Maid of Honour is a sister or close friend of the bride. She will work together with the bride in the run up to the wedding day, assisting the bride when choosing dresses, decorations, flower girls, page boys and bridesmaids. She will mainly be the person to help the bride on her wedding day and will also have an important part in the reception. >> More


Bridesmaids are traditionally members of the bride’s family or a close friend of the bride. Older bridesmaids are primarily responsible for helping the bride and her chief bridesmaid when selecting the dresses and greeting guests at the ceremony and reception. Younger bridesmaids will often have no responsibilities for the wedding. >> More