Honeymoons in Hawaii

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Hawaii Overview

The islands that make up Hawaii are more than soft white sands, deep blue seas and endless cocktails, although this is great. Here you can also take part in scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing and trekking. Hawaii can be as active or as peaceful as you want it to be.

A honeymoon in Hawaii is without doubt something special and it's not hard to see why. Getting here from South Africa is relatively simple as flights are regular from all major airports via Los Angeles. Before you know it, within 24 hours you can be relaxing on a palm fringed beach, underneath the tropical sun. The islands themselves present a myriad of things to do so why not go snorkelling on the island of Kauai, or cruise by sunset around the beautiful island of Molokai, or how about watching the magnificent sunsets from the top of Haleakala mountain. Finally a visit to Hawaii isn't complete until you have paid a visit to the world famous Waikiki beach. Whatever you fancy, Hawaii offers a dream destination in which to base your honeymoon.

Key Facts for Hawaii

Currency: U.S Dolllar

Capital: Honolulu

Languages: English, Hawaiian

Flight time: 22 hours from Johannesburg

When to Honeymoon in Hawaii

When to go:
– As it is a tropical climate, the weather stays relatively warm all year round, so expect sunshine whenever you come. Having said that, the rainy season falls between November and March, so the best times to come would be April – May and September - October

Flight information:

– South African Airways fly from Johannesburg to Honolulu via a stop in Los Angeles. The total time for the flight including transfers is around 21 hours.


– US Dollar

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Hawaii

Hawaii, is a group of islands 1500 miles in length and are situated 1800 miles from the United states in the middle of the Pacific ocean. There are a total of nineteen volcanic islands and six of these are open to tourism. If you are thinking about weddings abroad in Hawaii, then here just might be the unforgettable day you had always planned. The islands have long since been an exotic destination that people crave to get married in and as a result, Hawaii is geared up for such a special occasion. They have a selection of fabulous hotels and scenic backdrops, that would give the would be happy couple real life long memories. Couple this with stunning beaches, crystal blue waters and friendly people, then this is what the 'aloha islands' are all about.  

Marriage Requirements


To obtain your marriage licence, you will need to pay a visit to the state health department. This is situated in the capital, Honolulu. To get the licence you will need to provide a full picture ID, such as that of a drivers licence, plus your birth certificate and a valid passport. You will also have to part with  $60.00. The licence is valid for 30 days and is valid immediately. If you do not get marred within 30 days, then the licence becomes null and void. For more info, click on the link below http://hawaii.gov/health/vital-records/vital-records/marriage/index.html