Honeymoons in Grenada

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Grenada Overview

Choosing a honeymoon location which appeals to you both can sometimes be difficult but Grenada is likely to tick all of the boxes. Whether you want to relax and unwind or explore each day, there are a myriad of things to do and see. Stay at one of the hotel resorts or hire a private villa and enjoy all of the experiences that Grenada has to offer.

If you're dreaming of a romantic tropical island with secluded bays and coral reefs, then you might like to consider Grenada. With regular flights from South Africa, Grenada is an island where you can relax and unwind or be as active as you like. Stroll around the historic and beautiful City of St. Georges, explore magical seaside haunts with secluded bars and plenty of opportunity to snorkel or swim. Visit the colourful markets and mingle with the monkeys and opossum in the rainforests. With green fertile lands and the nation's bougainvillea flowering everywhere, a honeymoon in Grenada is akin to spending a couple of weeks in paradise.

Key Facts for Grenada

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Capital: St. George’s

Language: English

Flight time: 15 hours from Johannesburg

When to Honeymoon in Grenada

When to go:
– November to May is the dry season but also the busiest. However, with average temperatures hovering around 26oC all of the year, you may prefer to go, some other time.

Flight information:

– Mixed carriers operate between Johannesburg and Grenada including British Airways and American Airlines. United Airlines offers one of the shortest flights which lasts around 28 hours.


– East Caribbean Dollar

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Grenada

If you're dreaming of a romantic idyll in which to host your wedding abroad, then think no further than the tiny island of Grenada. With stunning scenery, sandy beaches, coral reefs and a balmy temperature all year round, then this could be the perfect location for you. Lying just 100 miles north of Venezuela, Grenada can spoil you with a choice of churches, plantations, yachts, exotic gardens and waterfalls at which to exchange your vows. When you're considering weddings abroad in Grenada the only difficulty will be deciding which fabulous location to choose.

Marriage Requirements


It's very simple to get married in Grenada but the law does require you to be there for a minimum of 3 days before applying for your Wedding Licence. This can be done in person at the Prime Minister's office in St. Georges and by paying the necessary fees at the treasury Office. You will need valid passports and birth certificates as well as proof of marital status. For more information visit http://www.grenadagrenadines.com/wedding/