Honeymoons in Boston

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Boston Overview

Boston is a great place for your honeymoon and offers the happy couple a myriad of sights and sounds to explore. From places of historical interest, to cruising the islands around the famous harbour, this city has it all. If it's shopping that you're after, then no problem! Boston has this in abundance too.

If you've never considered a honeymoon in Boston, then maybe you really should. It has so much to offer the honeymoon couple and with flights daily into JFK New York from Johannesburg, it is relatively cheap and easy to get an internal transfer from JFK to Logan International airport Boston. This being the case, it should definitely be on your list. Why not take a cruise around the many islands in the fabulous Boston harbour. If it's history you like, then this city is steeped in it. From the Boston Tea Party, to the site of the start of the American revolution, Boston has it all. Why not hitch a ride on one of the splendid open topped buses that stop at the many historical sights in and around the city. Or on the other hand, if it's a bit of retail therapy you're after then a trip down Newbury street with its endless shops, restaurants and pavement cafe's is a good way to while away the hours. If this city has to be summed up, then it would be cosmopolitan vibe, meets old world 'European' charm. As a result it's certainly a place to have a honeymoon to remember.

Key Facts for Boston

Currency: U.S Dollar

Language: English

Flight time: 15 hours from Johannesburg

When to Honeymoon in Boston

When to go:
– The temperature in Boston is reasonably warm in the summer and can reach around 25 degrees. The best times to visit are between May -June and September to October when the temperature is slightly cooler. You may need a light jacket in the evenings but on the whole, it remains pleasant.

Flight information:

- South African Airways fly into JFK New York daily. This takes around 17 hours. Then there are internal flights from JFK to Boston Logan International (Flying time 1hr 10 mins)


– US Dollar

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Boston

Boston Massachusetts is a vibrant city that sits in perfect juxtaposition. It has a fabulous blend of heritage and modernity, rolling countryside sits next to vibrant towns, simple pizza parlours adjoin fine dining establishments. It is because of this diversity and variety that you should consider weddings abroad in Boston. If you are looking to get married in Boston, then the backdrop of the magnificent Boston harbour makes for a great photo opportunity. It is steeped in history and was of course the site of the famous Boston tea party. On top of this, there are some fabulous hotels in the Boston area all of which are more than capable of holding and catering for your big event.

Marriage Requirements


Marriage licenses need to be obtained at least 30 days before the date of the wedding. To obtain a license, you will need to take with you a birth certificate and a passport to the county clerk's office in the area that you want to get married in. The fee for this will be $55.00. For further information visit http://www.glad.org/uploads/docs/publications/how-to-get-married-ma.pdf