Honeymoons in Beijing

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Beijing Overview

Beijing is a vibrant and bustling city with a wealth of ancient places to visit, coupled with the modernity of the 21st century. It's awash with palaces and also plenty of green areas in which to relax such as Fragrant Hills. If you're looking for somewhere very different to spend a honeymoon, then Beijing has it all.

With a history that goes back more than 3,000 years Beijing has more than it's fair share of places of interest to visit. With regular flights from South Africa you could be exploring this fascinating part of the world in a little over 18 hours. There is much to see, that the hardest bit is knowing where to start. Tian'anmen Square is the largest city square in the world, and will keep you occupied for several hours. Climb the rostrum, attend the flag raising ceremony or visit the National Museum of China. The Summer Palace will export you to another world, full of quiet tranquillity, with courtyards, lakes and pretty promenades. Take in one of the lively outdoor markets selling all manner of things and if you're there in the spring be sure to visit some of the botanical gardens that are perfumed with exotic scents and filled with romantic blooms. With so much to do and see your honeymoon in Beijing will give you enough memories to last a lifetime.

Key Facts for Beijing

Currency: Yuan Renminbi

Language: Chinese

Flight time: 16 hours from Johannesburg

When to Honeymoon in Beijing

When to go:
– May, September and October are the best months to visit.

Flight information:

– Multiple carriers operate between South Africa and Beijing. Emirates fly from Johannesburg stopping at Dubai before arriving in Beijing in 18 hours.


– Yuan Renminbi

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Beijing

If you're looking to get married in a destination that is full of historical interest and architectural and scenic beauty, then why not Beijing. Capital of China, Beijing is a great example of the transformation that China has gone through to bring it into the 21st century. Full of stunning venues all able to host your ceremony and your reception too, weddings abroad in Beijing will make your special day memorable. There's a choice of sophisticated hotels, splendid villas and gardens, and you can even have your wedding in the shadow of the Great Wall. With so much to see and do in Beijing, it's also an amazing location for a honeymoon too.

Marriage Requirements


It is normal for couples wanting to get married in China for one of them to be a Chinese citizen or to be a resident in the country. They will need to apply to get married to their local civil affairs office with a complete marriage registration form and all other documents need to be translated into the Chinese language. The Chinese partner will need to have a certificate of marriageability, birth certificate, household registration book, health certificate and a letter from their parents giving them permission to marry a foreigner. The partner who is a resident will need a passport, residency permit, health certificate, 3 photos of the couple together, registration fee and a certificate of marriage. The marriage office usually reviews the documents prior to approving the application in about an hour. They then issue a marriage certificate. For more information visit http://www.gowealthy.com/gowealthy/wcms/en/home/articles/entertainment/getting-married/Getting-Married-in-China-1217759427109.html