Honeymoons in Aruba

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Aruba Overview

Choosing a destination to suit you both as a couple can be a dilemma when you're looking for a honeymoon destination but Aruba with its pleasant all year round climate, plethora of activities, and fine dining, is bound to suit most couples. Whether you want relaxation in the sun or action packed days, there's something for every taste in Aruba. Stay in a villa or one of the top hotel resorts and surrender to the magic of Aruba.

If you're after a mix of sun and sand, history and culture, then why not consider the Island of Aruba located just off the coast of Venezuela in the south Caribbean. With plenty of flights leaving weekly from South Africa you could be enjoying the pleasures of Aruba in little over 24 hours. There's so much to see and do here. Animal lovers may like to visit the Ostrich Farm and see at first hand this intriguing species or a visit to Aruba's butterfly farm is an unforgettable experience. You can explore this tiny island by mountain bike with sandy trails scattered all around. Or for the more adventurous how about riding horseback amongst the sand dunes of the desert-like plains. Enjoy a splendid meal, take in as spot of salsa, and retire to bed dreaming of what to do the next day. A honeymoon in Aruba will provide you with memories to cherish forever.

Key Facts for Aruba

Currency: Aruban Florin

Language: Dutch

Capital: Oranjestad

Flight time: 13 hours from Johannesburg

When to Honeymoon in Aruba

When to go:
– Due to its pleasant all year round climate and lack of hurricanes any time is a good time to go. December to April is considered high season however.

Flight information:

– Various carriers fly to Aruba including Emirates and Delta. Johannesburg to Aruba via Atlanta takes 24 hours including connections.


– Aruban Guilder/Florin

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Aruba

If you're looking for a destination to host your wedding that has a year round good climate, stunning scenery and a wealth of history and culture, then why not consider the Caribbean island of Aruba. Weddings abroad in Aruba can cater for the most discerning of couples and with a choice of civil or religious ceremonies, getting married is easy. With top notch hotels and banquet rooms and some of the globe's finest beaches, there are plenty of options for choosing where to hold your reception.

Marriage Requirements


With both civil and religious weddings possible, it is relatively easy to tie the knot in Aruba. However, a civil marriage has to be held in the Civil Town House. You will need copies of both birth certificates together with photo ID such as passport or State Issue ID. In addition you will have to sign to say that you are single. You will also have to find 2 witnesses. Weddings can only be held on Wednesday-Fridays although for an additional cost of US$150 you can slot in a late morning  wedding. All completed documents need to be faxed for review and then submitted by a courier (such as Fedex) at least one month before your intended wedding date. To learn more visit http://www.islandbrides.com/destination/Aruba/requirements/7/