The 3 year engagement

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  • Posted: 5 Apr 2015 17:05

    The 3 year engagement

    Good day all,

    We are only getting married in December 2017. There must be some planning I can start doing so long?

    Please help! Very excited fiancé!
  • Posted: 13 May 2015 7:17

    Re: The 3 year engagement

    hiiii, we are also only getting married in 2017. got engaged Dec 2014..  so far i have my invites,shoes. a book with my guests list. a huge book i paste pics and material etc.inside of , sll my ideas. i am calculating a budget(with hitched budget pkanner) and opened a "wedding" bank account. i am trying things with my hair so i know what works.. our rings are also bought (fully paid).. now i am working on our thank you gifts.


    if you have any other ideas..let me know...and keep me posted...

    all the best.. 

    Saundre and Wendall..Mwahhhh

  • Posted: 31 May 2015 19:44

    Re: The 3 year engagement

    Hi we got engaged not long ago and can't decide when to get married !! Were do I start and how do I pick a date for the wedding

  • Posted: 19 Jun 2015 8:52

    Re: The 3 year engagement


    he asked me beginning of this year and we would like to get married Sept. 2016.. Planning this wedding by my self and money is a issue... what do I do...? how can I get his to help me plan without having a braai on the wedding day?


    Stressed out Bride to be

  • Posted: 30 Jul 2015 11:04

    Re: The 3 year engagement

    3 years, this is the longest engagement i have ever known, well, since now it is 2015, i suggest you can start to select wedding dress style, like customizing from stores like Brideandco, and you also need to figure out what kind of wedding theme do you want. Outdoor, beach or garden wedding?

    Personally i like outdoor wedding, my cousin held a great outdoor wedding in Pretoria, we had joy and happiness.

    Wish you have a great wedding in 2017, seems like still 2 years later, cherish the time and prepare to be a bride.

    All the best.

  • Posted: 8 Nov 2015 14:55

    Re: The 3 year engagement

    Hi Martinice

    I hope that you have made some progress with your wedding planning since your engagement. If you are still feeling lost about where to start, I would recommend consulting The Little Pink Book or Brides Magazine (both available at Exclusive Books) for some guidance.

    Apart from that, I would like to ask you if you'd be interested in participating in some research on the wedding industry. I am a Master of Business Science student at the University of Cape Town and I am in search of 15, engaged South African females, who are wiling and able to assist me with my Masters research.  They will do so by answering an anonymous, 10-15 minute long questionnaire. I require that they meet the following criteria:

    - Between the ages of 18 and 29

    - Have liked the Facebook pages of wedding dress suppliers

    - Getting married in 9 or fewer months' time

    - Planning on purchasing a wedding dress from a bridal store, but have not yet made a final decision on which wedding dress to purchase

    If you or anyone else that you know, meet the criteria and are willing and able to assist, please contact me at: Many thanks and I wish you the best with your wedding planning going forward.





  • Posted: 17 Nov 2015 10:06

    Re: The 3 year engagement

    Hi All. Im also a 2017 bride, got engaged in 2013 then we bought a house. So now we feel more settled and we can start saving and planning. We have not decided on the date as yet but it will be before winter, so anytime from Jan-early May. Jan 2016 i will start looking for the venue and maybe pay for it.

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