Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

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  • Posted: 15 Aug 2012 8:54

    Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?


    I would like to find out that if a stunning wedding is possible with only a bugdet of R20 000.

    We are a young couple that are struggling to get by (even though we both have degrees). We have a small budget. I find the venue costs are just to HIGH!

    We are looking to have a lovely garden wedding. I am already doing everything myself. I am designing my own inites, own table numbers, etc. My dress has also saved me a good sum. One of my best friends is a great photographer and offered to shoot my wedding for free as a wedding present.

    But I have found that the venues in and around JHB are ridiculous with their prices.

    We are planing on having a very intimate wedding of only 50 people. Some venues ask for 60+ and if you don't have that many they still expect you to pay for 60.

    Is there any place that you know of that can offer us hire of the venue, chapel, meal and hire of the basics (chairs, cutlery, etc) for R200 per head or less?

    How else can I save money for this wedding? 


    Please help this tight budget bride!


  • Posted: 20 Aug 2012 13:40

    Re: Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

    Hey there.

    When myself and my DH were getting married, we also had a bit of a limited budget. Sure our parents paid for our wedding, but they are also not made of money.

    However, we got married in Pretoria at a venue called Rose View Hill. We were only charged at the time R100.00 pp for a 3 course meal (plated).

    We had a budget of R50k so I used the money instead for other things instead.

    Carlien is very helpful and if your guests wouldnt mind travelling, its really worth it in the end.

  • Posted: 22 Aug 2012 13:12

    Re: Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

    Hi BrideStu

    It is crazy how expensive weddings can be! If you are looking to save on your wedding venue there are a number of things you can do to get the cost down even more! 

    Firstly have your wedding out of season. As you know the wedding season is in Summer - when ALL brides want to get married. Push your wedding a few months before or after and you are sure to save on your venue cost. Also lots of wedding venues run specials in winter.

    Consider having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday - usually venues offer discounts for weddings on these days

    Save on food costs and have a wedding breakfast, tea, or lunch - this will save on food and bar costs dramatically.

    If you are looking for a reasonable wedding venue have a look at the website - they have a huge variety of wedding venues.

    All the best with your wedding plans Smile


  • Posted: 23 Aug 2012 6:30

    Re: Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

    Hi there.

    Thank you very much for your advice! 

    Me and my amazing finace managed to find a stunning venue, also in the same area as Rose Hill View, that was great value for money. We now even have a nice sum to go on a lovely honeymoon.

    We decided to keep the geust list down for the reception.

    We have also decided to pay off the venue, dress etc over a period of time which is more viable for us.


    Thanks again we are very excited for the next chapter of our lives together!

  • Posted: 11 Aug 2014 3:54

    Re: Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

    Which venue did you end up using?

  • Posted: 26 Jan 2015 18:19

    Re: Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

    Hi there i am experiencing the exact same  problem in Cape Town all the venues sooo expensive any recommendations.

    I am from Port Elizabeth but relocated to Cape Town 3 years ago and fell inlove with the scenery however my family all in PE and i am battling to find affordable transportation as i am planning my wedding in Cape Town. They are willing to pay however i don't want them paying a ridiculous price and i would like them to travel in group so that i can qualify for discount ANY SUGGESTIONS?



  • Posted: 11 Oct 2016 8:51

    Re: Stunning weddings under R20 000? Is this possible?

    Hi there, were is this venue you are talking about?

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