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Post Wedding Songs

Post wedding songs are played as the guests leave the ceremony

Top Post Wedding Songs Chart

  • 1
    James Brown
    From 2 votes
  • 2
  • 3
    From 2 votes
  • 4
    Brett Dennen
    From 2 votes
  • 5
    The Darkness
    From 2 votes
  • 6
    Joe Cocker
    From 1 votes
  • 7
    From 1 votes
  • 8
    From 1 votes
  • 9
    Ray Charles
    From 1 votes
  • 10
    Elvis Presley
    From 1 votes
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As the guests begin to leave their seats and prepare to move onto the next part of the wedding, the post wedding songs will begin to play. After the excitement of the ceremony and the recessional song, the post wedding songs are there to keep the guests in a celebratory mood and focus on their anticipation for the next stage of the wedding day. Post wedding songs can also be a time to have a bit of fun with your wedding songs and share some of your favourite pieces of music with your wedding guests.

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Top 5 Wedding Songs

  • 1
    Shania Twain & Bryan White
    From 24 votes
  • 2
    Bob Carlisle
    From 14 votes
  • 3
    Etta James
    From 13 votes
  • 4
    Iron & Wine
    From 11 votes
  • 5
    The Pogues
    From 10 votes

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