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Be Polished to Perfection

Published: 01 Jan 2013 - in beauty
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When it comes to creating an ultra-glam style on your big day, the finishing touch will be your bridal make-up. We talk to professional make-up artist Madeleine Botha as she gives her advice on how brides can create a polished style that lasts all day:

“I fell into make-up, well not literally — actually come to think of it, I’ve done that too. What I meant to say was make up completely took me by surprise on my own wedding day, and that is how I know how important it is to choose the right person for the job. But what do you do when you cannot afford such a professional?

“Realistically speaking with the rising costs of planning a wedding it is sad but true to say that the cost of a professional make-up artist is usually one of the first services to be cut to save money.”


“Things that once seemed absolutely necessary — like professional make-up application, a classic luxury getaway car, and a luxury hotel suite for the wedding prep — become less important as the costs mount.

“Although as a professional I would rather suggest that you try your utmost to save for the services of a make-up artist, as make-up does affect the outcome of your photos, here is some advice from me if you want to go the DIY route:

“Have the right tools — You cannot expect a professional look if you do not have the right tools, get yourself a set of proper natural hair professional brushes.


“Find a make-up artist that offers classes on how to do your own make-up; this will not only come in handy on the wedding day, but this is a skill that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. She will also be able to supply you with the right products to use for your photos so that you don’t appear to have a whiter face than your body colour. If you cannot afford a lesson there are so many bridal make-up tutorials on YouTube to guide you step by step on how to get your look.

“Once you have done this lesson and you have found a look that you like, I cannot stress this enough, practice, practice and more practice. The wedding day has its own set of rules and stresses. If you haven’t practised your look I can guarantee that it will be a disaster on the wedding day, and you will not have achieved your desired look, and this will come across in your photos. There is only so much that Photoshop can fix.”


“That being said, if you follow these guidelines there is no reason why you too can not look like the vision that you imagined on your wedding day.”

Visit for more information on Madeleine and her work.

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