The Best Man

The best man is usually a relative or close friend of the groom. The traditional best man duties include supporting the groom during the wedding planning process, ensuring he gets to the ceremony on time and planning a bachelor party to remember!

Can I only have one best man?

It is becoming increasingly common to have more than one best man, although traditionally the groom would have only had one. If he just can’t choose then the role can be shared between two or three men with shared duties.

Best man duties in the run up to the wedding:

6 months to go

The best man may be asked to help select the ushers, and sit down with the bride and groom and maid of honour to split the wedding tasks and decide who does what. The best man will also need to go to suit fittings and help when it comes to choosing the groomswear.

4 months to go

The biggest responsibility of the best man is to produce an amazing best man’s speech, so now is a good time to start planning it. Make note of key things that happen during the wedding planning to include. Now is also a good time to start planning the bachelor party – get an idea of what the groom wants and who can attend.

1 week to go

Make sure the groom has everything he needs for the wedding and honeymoon, including all the paperwork and his passport if he needs it. Confirm the wedding transport and make sure everyone is clear on how they will get there. Obtain a list of tasks for the ushers and pass them on. Take time to practise your speech and fine-tune it.

The day before

Make sure you have all the decorations ready for the going away car
Wash your car if it is being used as transportation
Pick up hired items such as suits and other clothing accessories

On the day

Make sure you have the rings safe and secure ready for the ceremony, and distribute the buttonholes to the ushers. It is the best man’s responsibility to make sure the groom gets to the ceremony with plenty of time to spare so he can greet guests and calm his nerves.

During the ceremony

Keep the rings to hand ready to pass them over. The best man may also be asked to witness the signing of the register.

At the reception

Greet guests as they arrive and make sure they’re in place for any photos the bride and groom have requested. Now is your time to shine with the best man’s speech! If there’s time, you may want add a ‘just married’ banner and streamers to the bride and groom’s car.

After the wedding

Whilst the groom is on honeymoon the best man may be asked to return any hired groomswear, and look after wedding gifts until the couple return.