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What is a diamond?

Diamonds are formed below the earth’s surface when at least 70,000kg of pressure per centimetre is combined with temperatures exceeding 690°F. A volcano would then bring the diamonds to the earth’s surface where they can be mined. A perfect diamond is the result of the combination of those factors, making them a rare find – and expensive to buy too!

Diamond cuts

What are the four C’s?

The cut is typically considered the most important of the four Cs. Cut, not to be confused with shape, focuses on how the diamond is actually cut – the more facets (flat surfaces) cut into the diamond the better, as they allow the light to pass through contributing to the sparkle.

The clarity describes the purity of the diamond. A jeweller can spot impurities, such as blemishes and flaws, with a special magnifying tool called a loupe. The fewer flaws and imperfections there are the more valuable the diamond is.

Diamonds are available in a range of colours. Traditionally colourless or ‘white’ diamonds where the most popular as they have a brilliant sparkle, but more recently coloured diamonds are growing in popularity, including yellow, pink and champagne coloured stones.

The carat describes the weight of the diamond. Each carat weighs 200mg.