Wedding Myths

Wedding myths and superstitions are passed down through generations. Some of these give advice on how to bring good luck to your wedding day, while others talk about how to avoid bad luck. See some common wedding myths right here and decide which ones you will be sticking to for your wedding.

Before the Wedding

The Bride Shouldn’t Make her own Wedding Dress

This old myth dates back to when the family would help make the wedding gown – it was bad luck for the bride to make any stitches herself.

Don’t Sign with your Married Name Before the Wedding

It is considered bad luck for the bride to sign her new married name before the wedding.

The Wedding Day

Wearing Pearls at the Wedding

Pearls are linked to both good and bad luck. Some say the pearls represent tears you will shed at the wedding, others say they take the place of tears, so you can choose!

Seeing the Bride

It is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.

Dropping the Rings

As with pearls, this has two meanings. Some say it rids the rings of evil spirits, while others say whoever dropped the rings will be the first to die.

After the Wedding

Throwing a Shoe

An old and funny tradition is that the mother of the groom should throw a shoe at the newlyweds as they leave the wedding.

Carried Over the Threshold

This is said to protect the bride from evil spirits that could be waiting.