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22 Aug 2016

Kat Forsyth's Amazing Smokey Styled Shoot With The Couple Who Lost Everything

by rima@hitched

Ché and Warren, a South African couple living in London had a gorgeous wedding in April 2013 and just could not wait to receive their professional wedding photographs.

However, the heartbreak was about to begin as this was never going to happen.

Their wedding photographer was working on their images when his dog ran past his desk and smashed the hard drive with all of the couple’s wedding pictures on it. It was a true case of dog vs. hard drive and dog most definitely won.

After the devastation of losing all of their wedding photographs, the couple then spent the next three years travelling the world in their wedding outfits and recreating the wedding album they never got to see.

Kat Forsyth, an extremely talented photographer, came across the couple’s situation when she read Ché’s blog post where everything was explained.

Instantly sympathising with the pair, and admiring their positive attitudes, she decided to get in touch with them to try and arrange a styled shoot.

Having experienced what it’s like to be both a bride and a wedding photographer, Kat knew full well that losing wedding photographs is a bride and photographers worst nightmare.

Something that really impressed Kat about Ché was her attitude. She spent a lot of her time when blogging, talking about all of the things that she was grateful for in life and that despite losing the photographs from her wedding, there were so many other things she would rather have in life.

“I loved her sense of humour about it and the fact that she and Warren were totally taking the lemons life had given them, and having a Gin & Tonic” Kat said.

Also being a South African living in London, Kat instantly felt connected to the couple and the bond was instant.

The two women emailed back and forth until they arranged a date and theme for the shoot, and I just cannot wait to show it to you.

They decided on something in the golden evening and wanted to incorporate smoke bombs into the mix.

I can’t even tell you how much I love the result of this shoot. The enchanting and mystical energy is overwhelming and Kat couldn’t have wished for a more gorgeous couple to shoot.

She just loved them - “Che and Warren were gorgeous, but they were such natural, happy, in love people. I was basically jumping up and down with excitement, yelling ‘THIS IS SO PRETTY’ at every opportunity.”

Kat suggested the idea to her floral designer Gwenda from The Vintage Floral Design Co, who came up with the idea of using Proteas – a stunning South African flower to embrace Ché and Warren’s roots.

I adore the smoke bomb effect, it’s beyond gorgeous and unbeknown to us as onlookers, the background was actually created by Gwenda and her daughter running around in the background with the coloured props to make these images look the way they do.

That is serious dedication and a load of hard work, but the result here is so worth it.

These images are something that this couple can cherish forever and yet another adventure that they can add to their brand new wedding album.

It just goes to show that your wedding photographs can be conventional, or unconventional, it never matters.

All that matters are the memories you make with you and your loving partner and that is something that Kat Forsyth knows exactly how to portray in a photoshoot.

The images have turned out wonderfully and the relationship and bond which Kat Forsyth made with the beautiful couple proves her to be more than just a wedding photographer.

She has created magical and inspiring pictures which any married couple would feel blessed to have and no one can question her talent.

I can’t wait to hear what you think; do you love it as much as I do?

Hair and makeup by Gemma and Collette at I Do Bridal.

Wedding Dress Maker - Markye

Rima x

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Published 22 Aug 2016 15:25 by rima@hitched