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13 Jul 2016

This Wedding RSVP Card is Hilarious

by zoe@hitched

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and thought, 'Well, I'll accept your invitation but I don't want to because my partner's not invited/no children are allowed/we don't actually get on'. Or maybe 'YES I am so coming - I might meet the one at this wedding!' But all you can do is tick yes or no.

Not now! A Reddit user has revealed the awesome RSVP card they recieved and it's so funny - we think all RSVP cards should be like this from now on:

The options are as follows:

I Regretfully Accept Because:

I only like one of you
I have to rearrange my entire schedule
I am part of a decades' long feud against members of your family

I Accept with Great Excitement Because:

I am glad you are getting married
I want to meet 'that special someone'
I am family

I am Bringing a Date Because:

They are my spouse/significant other
I love triangles!
I'm going to propose at your reception

I am Coming Without a Date Because:

My spouse/significant other is unavailable
I desire to meet someone at your reception
I don't want to bring a date

I am Bringing Children ______:

Who require their own seat
Who have been flower girls or ring bearers
Who are imaginary

I Found this Method of Determining Guest Numbers:

Mildly confusing
Completely unexpected
Similar to the Spanish inquisition
Oddly humorous
Strangely effective

How funny is that?! Would you send RSVP card this - and how would you feel if you received one?

Tell us your fave option for responding from the above in the comments!

Zoe x

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Published 13 Jul 2016 7:51 by zoe@hitched
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