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04 Jul 2016

This Bride Found Her Dream Dress, But You'll Never Guess What She Asked Her Bridesmaids To Do

by rima@hitched

Bridezilla moments don’t come around too often, but when they do, they make for a hilarious read. But as funny as they are, it’s a lot less fun when you find yourself stuck in a position like Hayley, and have to deal with the crazy bride’s demands first hand.

We’ve heard a lot of bridezilla stories here at hitched and we truly couldn’t believe our eyes when we first came across Hayley’s story on mamamia.com – that is saying something!

It all started off lovely and exciting when Hayley’s friend Caroline (don’t get her confused with our lovely editor) asked her to be one of her seven bridesmaids. Considering how many others had been asked, she assumed this role would be super easy as everything was shared out between seven women.

What could possibly go wrong, we dare to ask.

“At first, I thought Carol was being a little overzealous when the group emails asking for input on everything came flooding through, quickly taking up a large chunk of my day.”

Caroline asked Hayley about everything, even the buttonholes for the groomsmen (which she had to google).

As a school teacher, Hayley has a very busy day to day working life, so this was the last email she expected to receive on a hectic Friday.

“Hey Hayley, How’s it going? I need some cake maker suggestions by COB today please, Jase and I really want to get a wriggle on with this and need the contact details, price brackets, flavours and an idea of how prestigious the vendor is – in a table would be great. Excel is probably best please. Thanks!”

Well… When a bride starts using terms such as ‘COB’ and requesting fully-fledged Excel spreadsheets, we suggest you run, really far away, and stay that far away – because bridezilla is here.

“I had to read the email about three times to gauge what she was asking me” Hayley said, “After the third disbelieving scan, I felt my blood start boiling”.

We don’t blame her.

After calming herself down, Hayley did what any responsible adult would do and prioritised the important potion, the full time job which paid her wages.

Kindly written in an email, Hayley explained that she would get the information over to her at the weekend as she was very busy. Surely this would be fine? She thought.

The next morning quickly came and the kind bridesmaid cancelled her morning breakfast plans and began to research exactly what the bride had requested. After doing everything asked of her, she sent the information over to Caroline, only to receive this reply…

“Thanks for this, would’ve been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified but I appreciate it.”

Wow, we were not expecting that. Hayley kept calm and put it down to bridal stress and continued as normal.

After three consecutive months of tedious shopping for bridesmaid and bridal dresses, costing each bridesmaid a staggering $550, Caroline finally found her dream dress.

A sigh of relief from the bridal party was heard, but it didn’t last long as the price tag on the stunning satin Marchesa dress was $10,500 – twice the bride’s budget.

Despite the hefty price tag, Hayley was just relieved that she could finally have her weekends back.

However, her inbox pinged that night and you can guess who it’s from, but you won’t believe what it said.

The subject title read “Bridesmaid dress contribution” and made Hayley ‘break out into a cold sweat’.

The email consisted of a lot of words, and one big ask. Caroline requested that the bridesmaids pay $150 each towards her dress. She insisted that it was ‘totally fine if you can’t’ but that it would mean so much to her.

She went on to say that ‘as she walked down the aisle, she’d be wearing something that all the bridesmaids have had a part in’.

“My bank account was already taking a battering for this wedding and now this” said Hayley.

We have heard a lot of bridezilla demands, but this has to be the most expensive of them all. After paying for their own outfits, the hen party, bridal shower, three spa days pre-wedding and now the bride’s dress?

Three days after the email had been sent, three of the bridesmaids agreed to pay, but Hayley is considering bailing on the wedding – and the friendship!

What would you do? 

Let me know, Rima. X

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Published 4 Jul 2016 15:01 by rima@hitched